Open letter from community midwife Jana Riedlova to the Czech Ministry of Health

Jana has been a midwife for many years in both hospital and community settings. Having faced numerous challenges in her profession, she decided to contact the Ministry of Health in an open letter explaining the current issue of unavailable homebirth care. This letter exchange illustrates the difficult situation for women and midwives in the CzechContinue reading “Open letter from community midwife Jana Riedlova to the Czech Ministry of Health”

Midwifery in the Czech Republic

(originally published in March 2020) After the Second World War and during the communist era (1948-1989), all births were gradually moved to hospitals, midwifery was renamed and treated as “female nursing” (1965-1993) and health care started to be provided universally and paid for by public funds. Midwifery community care was suppressed until it almost disappearedContinue reading “Midwifery in the Czech Republic”

Czech Midwifery Chamber Bill

(originally published in March 2020) EDIT: The bill proposal was withdrawn later in 2020 by the proponent and it is unclear what are the plans going forward, whether it will be re-submitted at some point in near future. The bill has five parts. First part is the bill itself, comprising of 25 sections. The otherContinue reading “Czech Midwifery Chamber Bill”

Czech midwives need your support!

(originally published in February 2020) Dear midwives from all around the world,  I would like to ask for your moral support towards midwives in the Czech Republic who have been struggling for years to practise autonomously. They are now facing another challenge. There is now a new proposed law about establishing Czech Midwifery Chamber –Continue reading “Czech midwives need your support!”

Current Czech Professional Midwifery Organisations

There are three professional midwifery organisations based on voluntary membership Czech Chamber of Midwives (CKPA) Was founded in 1997 after by a breakaway of midwives from Czech Nursing Association. It changed its name several times over the years. It is a conservative organisation, member midwives work mainly in hospitals but some also practice independentlyContinue reading “Current Czech Professional Midwifery Organisations”